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Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe

Hello lovelies,

I've got the blues … the blogger blues. I think, this is something every blogger goes through.

For today I have a special personal post. In my "10 Day You Challenge", I already showed a few picture of one of my favourite places in the world. The Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe in Kassel. I can't count how often I walked through this park. It is the largest hillside park in europe and the second largest on a mountain slope worldwide.
Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is a unique landscape park in Kassel, Germany. Art historian Georg Dehio (1850–1932), inspirator of the modern discipline of historic preservation, described the park as "possibly the most grandiose combination of landscape and architecture that the Baroque dared anywhere" ("vielleicht das Grandioseste, was irgendwo der Barock in Verbindung von Architektur und Landschaft gewagt hat.").[1]
The area of the park is 2.4 square kilometres (590 acres), making it the largest European hillside park, and second largest park on a mountain slope in the world. Construction of the Bergpark, or "mountain park", began in 1696 at the behest of the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel and took about 150 years.
Source: Wikipedia

There was a time at the early stages of this millennium I visited it nearly every weekend with my ex-husband. Until the day he told me that I should stop taking pictures every five minutes, because it bored him. (There is a reason, he's my ex-husband.)

From may until october, every sunday and wednesday, there is an event called »Wasserspiele« (water feature in english).
Every time about 350.000 liters (92,000 gallons) of water are needed and visitors can follow the water's way starting from the Hercules monument and ending at the big lake of the castle Wilhelmshöhe. The water runs down the cascades, the Steinhöfer's waterfall, the devil's bridge, until it tumbles down the aqueduct before finally arriving at the lake of the castle where a fountain of about 50 meters ends the spectacle.

Every first saturday from june until september, you can attend a special lighted version of this event. Different colours illuminate the waterfalls and fountains. It's beautiful. One day I'll have a good camera and a tripod to take pictures of this beautiful spectacle.

Last year in september, I visited the park with a good friend of mine. He lives near Kassel and haven't seen the water feature or other parts of the park than the Hercules monument. What a pity. So I took him with me, we saw the water feature and did some geocaching. This year, I'll show him the »Loewenburg« … another great building from the past. But this will take place in another post.

If you should end up in Kassel for some weird reason (if you interested in art, Kassel is hosting the documenta every five years), you should visit the park. It's definitely worth a visit.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Den Beitrag muss ich meinem Mann zeige! Der gute ist doch aus Kassel und liebt alles, was aus seiner alten Heimat kommt...Berichte, Zeitungsausschnitte und jetzt auch Blogeinträge :-)

    1. Na sowas … die Welt ist ein Dorf. :) Dann mal schöne Grüße an den Herrn Chlencherei … unbekannterweise. :)

  2. Ohhh ich habe in Kassel studiert. Richtig cool mal wieder ein paar Bilder von dort zu sehen ;-))

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Na sieh mal einer an. Der letzte (entfernte) Bekannte, der hier in Kassel studiert hat, hat nur über die Stadt gemeckert. Schön, dass sich mal jemand freut, Bilder von der Stadt zu sehen. Sie ist ja nicht nur hässlich. ;)

  3. Hi Mel,
    wow! Was für geniale Bilder!! "Source" hat mich glatt umgehauen .. mag ich als Hintergrundbild haben...!!

    ♥ Bine

    1. Was hast du für eine Auflösung? Das Bild gibt es (leider nur) bis 1024x786 bei Wikimedia. Und ich habe einfach noch keine sauberen Bilder hinbekommen von den beleuchteten Wasserspielen. *sfz*

  4. Awww that is beautiful. I want to go to Kassel now. Bring my tripod and camera and capture the beauty. Stunning Mel! xx

    1. It is. You can grumble about the city as much as you want, but the Bergpark is an absolute beauty … even if our generation won't see the Hercules monument without scaffolds. But this is necessary to keep it for the following generations. ♡ xx


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