The 10 Day You Challenge #10

Hello lovelies,

Oops! I've nearly forget the last part of the challenge. It calls 1 Photo and I need a long time to decided, which photo I could blog for this challenge. Alea iacta set! The die has been cast!

Missed the first 9 parts of the challenge?
No problem, you can find then »here«.

Let's come to the photo, that is important enough to be posted. One of me were boring, because there are a lot of them on this blog already. Then I thought about the most important day of my life till now: My second wedding. After one relationship and one marriage, who both ends … not nicely, I found my second half at last. We are a "young" couple … just 6,5 years in relationship and got married after 2 years, right after my divorce was legal. He's the love of my life and I hope, that we'll spend the rest of our time on earth together. (FunFact: He has so much quirks in common with my dad, it's sometimes a bit scary.)

This photo is from the ceremony at the marriage registration office. We hadn't a huge party. Just our families (it's my mum in the background) and closest friends were with us. And yes … I wasn't a typical bride with a white gown. And you already saw the cardi in one outfit post. ;)

This was the 10 Day You Challenge and I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

❈ The End ❈

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. So cute - it doesn't matter where you got married, it's the getting married that matters!

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  2. It made me smile when you said your Husband is similar to your Dad, as I often think my Husband is likie my Daf too. He likes a lot of the same things my Dad did. It's kind of comforting.

    1. Oh god, please not. I'm grateful that he don't like the same things. But they are both pigheaded fellows and have some weird quirks in common. :D

      Love, Mel xoxo


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