I ♡ MyStyleHit!

Hello lovelies,

in my last OotD I talk already a bit about MyStyleHit. Today, I'll tell you a bit more about this wonderful german fashion community and show you, what else was in my package.

Do you see the block underneath the gfc? This is my MyStyleHit banner. And you see, that ASOS is a partner of MSH, which was one reason, I became a member of the community. MSH offers a platform for fashionistas and beauties, don't matter if you are a blogger or "just" fashion/beauty addicted. You can post your own fashion photos or get some inspiration from the other members. Every size, every style … MSH is an all-rounder and growing every day.

If you have a blog, you can become a vip-blogger. In that program, you generate blogger points through different ways. Visitors on your blog count as well as your activities in the community. Posting outfits and styles, like outfits and/or write comments … all this generate points. Clicks on that banner on the right counts also. (just a little broad hint ;) …) When you reach a defined number of points, you become a bronze, silver or gold blogger. Every state needs more points and more visitors on your blog. The bronze state is the easiest, especially for small blogs like mine.
And now the highlight: When you reach a state for the first time, you'll get a surprise package. Individually composed by the team of MSH. With a handwritten letter.

When my package arrived, I was totally upset. I saw a few posts about other "bronze gifts" on blogs and was so curious what they chosen for me. What I found was outside of my imagination.

This was my first view after I opened the package. A letter, fabric, flower print and (not on the picture) an ASOS Curve label. *gasp* I tried to be patient and read the letter first. After reading, I was … gobsmacked. They told me, that they saw the ASOS skirt on my Pinterest board +size Wishlist. That wonderful team fulfilled me a fashion wish from my Pinterest board. I mean … it can't get more personally than that. That was awesome.

Next to the skirt, they gifted me some cupcake cases (because they saw on my blog that I love baking), a keyboard brush (which seems to be in every package), a sticker and two face masks, one was a chocolate mask. What a waste of chocolate. ;)

So … long story short: I will call out my love for MSH. Not only because of the package. It is a lovely community and until now I don't see hate, envy, cat fights or something like that. Just great women (and some men) who share the love of two things: fashion and beauty.

Are you member of a similar community? If yes, share your thoughts (and the link) with me. I love to discover new fashion communities to get some inspiration and meet new blogger.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. That sounds wonderful! How amazing for them to do that for you. x x

    1. Isn't it? The want become the biggest fashion community worldwide. Maybe, they offer their service international one day. :) xoxo

  2. Der Post ist richtig toll geworden!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von www.whoismocca.com

  3. super süßes paket! das hast du dir verdient :) der rock ist super süß und cupcake förmchen hab ich auch bekommen :)

    liebe grüße

  4. Ja, ich liebe MSH auch! Vor allem weil ich so auch auf dich und einige andere Blogs aufmerksam geworden bin, die ich so vielleicht nie entdeckt hätte! :) Ich müsste auch bald mein Bronze-Paket bekommen und bin auch schon so verdammt gespannt, was drin sein wird. :D

    1. Das kann ich nur zurück geben.

      Auf das msh-Päckchen zu warten ist wie Weihnachten. Bestimmt wird was ganz Tolles in deinem sein. Ich bin schon neugierig. :D

  5. Oh schöner Post! Ich mags total wie du schreibst:)
    alles liebe! www.throughalltimes.blogspot.de


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