The 10 Day You Challenge #9

Hello lovelies,

how was saturday? Mine was stressful but great. Met some lovely friends I didn't see for a few month and celebrated hubs birthday. Was a nice day / evening. But too short. I have a little hangover but it was worth it.

So … this time the topic of the challenge is: "2 Songs". It's the last but one and it get's more difficult every time. Picking only two songs isn't easy, because music goes along with me my whole live and there are so many songs I associate with special moments or feelings in my live. That's why choosing the songs for this part is the same as having a closet full of nothing to wear

1. Faithless – Insomnia
This song is something like a hymn for me these days. It's not my usual genre, but I love this song since I've heard it the first time, a decade ago. But only the "Radio Mix".

2. Warren G – Regulate
I choosed this song as the representative for my love for hip-hop and r&b in the 90s.

There is so much more I love, because I have no precise taste of music. I hear what I like in THIS moment. I avoid only four genres: heavy metal, techno, german schlager and alpine folk music. Apart from that: everything my ears like is played.

Do you have a song that goes along with you (nearly) your whole life? I'm curious which song that is.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. I love the Faithless song!! Just reminds me of my teenage years in a nightclub dancing like crazy to this song xx

    1. Similar here. Recently, while I was cleaning the kitchen, the song was played at the radio. I forgot cleaning and danced crazy through my kitchen. :D xoxo


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