The 10 Day You Challenge #7

Hello lovelies,

today I share the 4th part of the challenge with you: 4 books.

Missed the first parts? No problem, here they are.
ten secrets
nine loves
eight fears
seven wants
six places
five foods

This isn't an easy one for me. I rather shared 9 books and 4 loves or 8 books and 4 fears, but only 4 books? Oi! I decided to leave some huge and famous books and book series out, like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Both series are my alltime favorites. I will love them forever.

I'm a huge fan of fantasy literature. I rarely read other genres. However, acutally I read series like "The Hunger Games". I love the story. If you saw the movie and liked it, read the books. It's an incredible deep story and there is more than one scene for tears and goosebumps. But I anticipate my 4 books. I can talk a lot about books, if you don't notice it yet. ;)

1. War of the Spider Queen
Maybe this sounds ridiculous, because of my arachnophobia. And in fact, there are a some parts in the books where I switch off my imagination. But the whole story about the society of dark elves, where are woman in authority and the divinity a huge spider called Lolth, is great.

2. Green Rider Series
Karigan, daughter of a merchants, left school and is walking home, while she found a green rider, messenger of the king, with a black arrow in his back. He pleas her to deliver the message to the king. At the moment, she accepted the adventures begin.
A wonderful serie about a young woman, a king, love, fear and a bad enemy behind a wall.

3. Old Kingdom
Another fantasy serie. A good friend lent me the first part "Sabriel", because he thought I would like it. And he was right.
Two worlds, separate by a wall. The first one is like ours in the middle of the last century. The second one with magic and an old kingdom. In the first book, Sabriel went to school on the first side when her father calls her (through) magic. Because he is missed and she should search him. She goes on the other side of the wall and meet new friends and huge risks.
It really worth reading if you like the fantasy genre. I'm totally in love with this serie and (*pssst* I tell you a secret) cried like a baby at the end of the third book.

4. Maze Runner
It's the first part of an sience fiction trilogy by James Dashner. If you liked the hunger games, you will like this story as well.
I must admit, that the beginning of the book is a bit "bumpy" and I have the impression, that the author will explain too much. It would work without it. But when the story goes on it catches you. After the bumpy beginning I've read the first one in one night.
I hope, the 2nd and 3rd part is as good as the first one.

That wasn't all books I love. Four … four aren't enough. :)

What's about you? Are you a bookworm as well? What's you favorite genre and book actually?

Love, Mel … xoxo

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