Nails: Pink Glam Gel

Hello lovelies,

today I'll show you my last gel polish capture: The pink glam gel. Pink is acutally one of my favorite colours (next to teal and green), so the weekly offer two weeks ago came in handy.

Like the teal glimmer gel a few weeks ago, this is so easy to apply with the spot swirl and looks gorgeous. I love the glimmer particles which gives the gel a beautiful golden shimmer.

Don't be confused. The colours came in another container, when it is the weekly offer. This week, Pretty Nail Shop have a fantastic red, a neon green and a pink one in the weekly offer. And the four shades of the summer collection are so beautiful, especially the blue one. But I have my rules: One order per month. Life isn't fair. ;)

What's your favorite nail colour at the moment?

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Loving the pink! Your blog is looking amazing these days by the way! xx


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