My beauty haul in june

Hello lovelies,

last week I went to the city to buy some beauty stuff at the grocery store. This is what came out.

Pure Skin 30+ from Rival de Loop*
Cleansing gel, facial tonic, fruit acid exfoliation scrub and 24h creme.

I sadly have an oily and bad skin. I decided to try those skincare range of products. Keep your fingers cross.

Perfect Face from P2**
Oil control base and finish powder for a fresh skin (with green particle to cover redness).

Especially in summer I have the problem, that make up don't stay very long because of my oily skin. I found the base from P2. I need to refresh the powder after 2–3 hours, but it is a lot better than without.
The powder does exactly what it should: It gives me a fresh skin with less redness.

BB Cream from Garnier
I read a lot about bb creams the last weeks and decided to try the one from garnier. I use it since one week now. I didn't realise huge changes at my skin yet but I love how fresh my face looks without make up. Huge impurities need a extra coverage, but I hope that they will be a thing of the past soon.

Mascara, nail polish and a lip stick from P2**
Just a few make up stuff you always need. ;)

floral grunge eyeshadow from Essence
Nay … tried it out on monday and don't like it. The pigmentation isn't really good. The light green and grey from this palette are ok, but the rest is rarely visible. I'll write an extra post about the eyeshadow.

Some accessoiries from for your beauty*
A cleaning brush, an eyeshadow pencil and toe separators.

(* "Rival de Loop" and "for your beauty" are private labels from Rossmann)
(** "P2" are the private make up label from DM)

Do you have some new products you try out at the moment? I'm looking for a soft make up remover for my bad skin.

Love, Mel … xoxo

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  1. This very true, summer is great for gorgeous skin and showing off your tan. Increase your SPF. Sun rays can damage skin. Protect your skin with a SPF of 30 or maximum.

    Increase your SPF. Sun rays can damage skin. Protect your skin with a SPF of 30 or higher


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