How to Be a Fat Bitch – #2

Hello lovelies,

it's a bit distressing. I start with the first part of that eCourse in march. And now we have june. When did this happend? I'm ashamed. Ok, let's forget that and go on as usual. Have I mentioned that I'm ashamed?

How to be a Fat Bitch ecourse

The second part of the eCourse is: Reclaiming the word fat

Reclaim the word fat and do something amazing with it. Make art, take photos of yourself with fat written on you, bake a cake with fat written in frosting, etc.

I wracked my brain long about this. Finally I made this pendant a few weeks ago with shrink plastic. In the beginning it was just black but I put some confetti nail polish on top to make it sparkle. I'm still not sure if it finally becomes a necklace, bracelet or brooche. Or just a pendant, so I can wear it however I want it.

What do you love most about the word fat?
For me, fat is part of the description of a movement to gain more acceptance as a fat woman (or man) in this society. And if you stop to take it negative, it is powerful.

How has the word fat evolved for you?
It changed from a negative, hurting word to a describing and – in alliance with the fat acceptence movement – a powerful word. Describing like: I've red hair, freckles, pale skin, blue eyes and … I'm fat. Powerful, because I must think about all those great, beautiful and powerful woman out there, which shows us day by day how beautiful a fatty can be.

Love, Mel … xoxo

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  1. Hey there! Would you be willing to sell or trade one of those fatbulous "fat" pendants? My email is sixinchmessofweb@aol.com. I make leather and vinyl harnesses/collar harnesses/jewelry, etc. f you were interested, I could purchase one or we could do a trade :) I'm sorry to bother you about something like this by the way!


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