Nails: Teal Glimmer Colour Gel

Hello Beauties,

I don't use nail polish very often. I make myself a gel manicure, because I have very thin and fragile nails. Most of the time, I use a colour gel.

At my favorite online shop "Pretty Nail Shop 24", where you find all you need for gel manicure, they have weekly promotions while they offer a colour gel for 1,90 Euro. This week it is a beautiful Neon Peach. Weren't there the shipping costs, I think I would buy a new colour gel every week. But while im trying not to spend so much money I only order it when I need some other stuff.

At my last order, I purchased this awesome colour: Teal Glimmer. Sadly the photo fails about it. Either it had a shade of blue or green. I tried all I could, but I didn't get it better than on this one. It's a teal with tend more to green than blue. After the curing process and the following sealing it appears saturated and bright on the nails.

My last order contained also a spot swirl and it is so easy to apply the gel with it accurate and opaque with one thin coat. Even on the right hand while you work with your left one. I think the most of you know the spot swirl already, but I had my first try a few weeks ago. I'm thrilled how easy the process is with this tool.

For me, as an absolute beginner, the gels from Jolifin are easy to use and the prices are fair. They ship worldwide, but sadly I didn't found an english website. Either I must be blind or you must know (a bit) german to browse through their site.

Natural nails or gel nails? What do you prefer?

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Das sieht toll aus :) Ich habe auch eigentlich nur Kunstnägel, mache es aber mit Acryl... Dein Ergebnis finde ich wunderschön... :)

  2. Lovely polish and I like your nail shape. x x

  3. How does the spot swirl work? I bought some gel polish of the net but it wouldn't come off with the acetone xxx

    1. With the spot swirl you can apply the gel thinner, but all for that it is opaque. I use the bigger ball for the middle section of the nail and make the fineness at the edge with the small ball. It let you draw lines precisely as a brush.

      I don't heard about, that you can gel off with acetone. A gel manicure is – in my opinion – a decission for a longer time, because it must filed off carefully with a nail file.



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