Fa(t)shion: My bonprix haul in may

Hello curvies,

another bonprix post. No, they don't sponsor me (I should be so lucky). I simply order most of my clothes there. It became my favorite german plus size shop over the years, even if there are a few critic points left. One of them is: plus size didn't end at EU50! And some of the materials aren't very complimentary for fat girls.
I like the price performance ratio, the free returns, the method of payment and the service.

While I rummage through the online shop, I found a few nice pieces and couldn't left my hands of it. This rummage results in a nice little haul which arrived today. My instagram follower may already know what happend then.

1. Butterfly print top / Fledermausshirt
2. Peep-toe pumps / Ballerina weiß
3. High heels print tee / Shirt Halbarm
4. Comfort stretch trousers * / Bequeme Hose mit geradem Bein
5. Geometric print wrap dress / Kurzärmeliges Kleid mit Wickeloptik
6. Jersey skater dress / Shirt-Kleid

* It seems that the new colours sadly haven't arrived in UK yet.

1–3 will take place in my closet. Love both of the tees and the shoes are gorgeous. Comfortable, airy and looking good. And they are the reminder that it is time to take care of my toe nails, which I'm treat very stepmotherly during this long winter.

4–5 will go back . The dress isn't really flattering for bigger sizes. The material is snuggling with every roll I have and that looks awful. I love the colour and the print and maybe it had could be my dress if it were made of another material.
The trousers would stay in my closet as well if there weren't the issue with the broken zipper. Maybe it'll take place in a further order again. Not willing to pay shipping costs again for one trouser.

6 is the "not sure" dress. I have the impression it looks a bit like an old apron dress on me. Like the one my gran wore the whole day.  I think, I'll send it back too. I'm not really comfortable with dresses yet and just make little steps forward. I should only buy dresses I feel really good while try it on at the moment.

The next piece in my wardrobe will be from sheego. It is the jacket from my wishlist at the end of march. It's my birthday gift from hubby now I must wait until it'll arrive in two weeks (or three). I - will - have - it - NOW! I'm so unpatient. One of my bad characteristics.

What's next in your closet?

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Do you wear belts by chance? That might help make the dress less apron-like?

    It is really cute - but wearing things you are 100% in love with is a great thing to do. It took me a couple of years to learn that, so I ended up with lots of stuff that I didn't love.

    1. Maybe it's worth a try.

      While trying to find my style I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that aren't destined to wear in public.


  2. I love both of the dresses but if you're not comfortable in them there's no point keeping them. And it's a shame about the jeans too.
    With birthday money I have just bought more patterned trousers that are soooooo comfortable I could fill my wardrobe with them!!

    1. Jepp, it's so sad that the zipper is broken. I'm in love with them.

      I'm not brave enough to wear patterned trousers yet, I think. But there are some great ones out there.


  3. Das Kleid Nummer 6 haben super viele von Bon Prix bekommen und ich finde es wirklich schön.

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Ist es auch. Wenn mein Kreislauf diese Woche endlich mal Ruhe gibt, werde ich wohl noch einen Outfitpost mit dem Kleid machen. Nur um mal zu sehen, ob es auf Fotos auch so gruselig wirkt wie im Spiegel an mir. ;)



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