My week in pictures #2

Hello lovelies,

another unspectacular week is nearly gone. Hubby was still at home with his bad back pain and I'm feeling like Evely Hamann in Loriots "Papa ante Portas".

On monday I had a little accident on the treadmill at the gym. In that case I was a bit disabled too this week. And today I had a huge dog on my chest because our "little" dog was afraid of hubbys blow dryer. I've read this week that german shepherds are fearless. We get screwed. He's such a chicken … unbelievable. When hubby turn on the blow-dryer he jumped on the bed and wanted me to protect him. I had the complete dog on my chest, a paw in my eye … and he has huge claws … and a tongue in my face. He's so sweet, isn't he? I love it to wake up like this. ;)

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Wish you all an amazing weekend!

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Antworten
    1. Yes … and a naughty little beggar. But I love him, even if he bruises me when he's afraid of … the blow dryer, wind, swans, the printer and so on and so on. :D … xoxo

  2. Love your pictures and your dog is soo cute!! I have a dog too :) he is half Lab half Rott (the last one I am not completely sure).


    1. Yes he is, if he want something. ;) No, just joking … he's the love of my life, right after my dad and my husband. :) xx


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