Make your own plastic jewelry

Hello lovelies,

yes, I'm still alive and do some other things than hiding in an imaginary world and thinking to much about live, the universe and everything.

Today I finally made my shrink jewelry. I failed the first time because I print my layouts on the wrong side. The ink didn't dry, so I chuck them away and start a new try. This time with the prints on the correct side.

They look a bit awkward after cutting them out, didn't they? I thought at that moment that the second try was failed too.
I create 4 motifs: The cupcake and the skull as pedants (my niece choose already the cupcake) and a dog tag. The "fat" writing is for the second step of the "how to be a fat bitch ecourse", but I didn't decide yet if I make a necklace or a bracelett. But I (and also you) will know it soon.

After backing they didn't still look awkward. I really really love them. After I let them cool down I simply sealed them with nail polish top coat. Maybe I give the fat one a bit glitter …

I used ShrinkyDinks shrinkable plastic for inkjet printers (found at eBay). I'm better designing on the computer then drawing it by hand. Just print the motif, cut it out, bake it for a few minutes in the oven, seal it with simple nail polish and ready is your own handmade jewelry. This is awesome.

What you must keep in mind when you work with shrink plastic:
  • Lighten your motif
    The colours will be darker after baking
  • Make your motif bigger
    It will (who thought that) shrink while baking

For me, this shrink plastic stuff is really new. I stumbled over it while I read some blogs. So I try and learn. Do / Did you use shrink plastic? What did you make out of it? There are so many creative ideas and I'll try them all. I think the next project will be little bow earrings.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. How clever are you? And you say you're ham fisted? These are great, you're giving me so many ideas to do with my daughter during the summer hols xx

    1. Oh you have no idea how ham fisted I am. Am I clever? Some pleople say so … I'm not sure. Am I creative? Yes. :)

      I wish you a lot of fun with you daugther and hope you show me some results. :)



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