Beauty: DIY Body Scrubs

Hello beauties,

I'll tell you a little secret: I'm total obsessed with making beauty care stuff by myself. Lip balm, hair care, skin care … whatever. I love it to experiment with ingredients and fragrances. Today I'll talk a bit about a DIY Body Scrub. There are so many opinions so I think that there is one personal body scrub for everyone. And you don't need a huge shopping list for it.

What you need is:
  • Salt or sugar (sugar is more gentle on the skin)
  • Oil

Tadaaa … in fact everyone has this two ingredients in the kitchen. But that is too simple, isn't it? There are so many variations and with this you can make a little personal skin care gift for you and everybody you like.

Let's talk about oil: You'll need some carrier oil. This can be every vegetable oil which is gained from the fatty parts of a plant like the seeds or nuts.

List of the main carrier oils
(Quelle: Wikipedia)

Carrier oils are all cold press. Most of them are nearly odourless. Finding the perfect carrier oil for oneself is (sadly) try and error. Every oil has specific characteristics. Behind the link to the wikipedia webside you can find more details. Be aware: Don't use an oil of a plant you allergic about.

Then you need some essential oils. They are extracted via destillation from various plants and a lot more intesive then their carrier colleagues. And in this case they effect more reactions (irritations of the skin, allergic reaktions, for example). Don't panic, you just need a few drops. But if you are a very sensible type of human (like my hubs) try it out at an inconspicious place.
You can mix more some essential oils to get a unic flavor. But be aware: The amount at the ratio is relatet to ALL essential oils. If you mix 2 oils, you still need 6–10 drops, not the double amount. You want smell like you fell into the magic potio… I mean in a perfume shelf.

If you have your oils and sugar mix it about the following ratio:
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup carrier oil
  • 6–10 drops essential oil(s)

For a special eye catcher you can add some food coloring or glitter. This looks very nice when you make it as a gift. Fill it in a fitting yar, make some labels and … voilá.

Don't make to much at once and store it dark.

I hope you enjoy your home made body scrub. I'm curious what your special recipe will be. I would be all excited if you would share it with me.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Great idea Mel! I might do this. x x

    1. Don't forget to tell me about your mixture. Everytime on the search for new ideas. :) xoxo


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