OotD: Spring!

Hello lovelies,

spring is coming. At last. It was about time. Ok, I wouldn't bury my winter clothes too deep in my closet but … I'm optimistic. So … Goodbye thick jumper, hello Tee's. We have an absolute perfect weather out there. No clouds, blue blue sky and sun. Restock my sun reservoir today. And wondering how the daisies underneath our garden bench survived the winter.

I rummage in my closet for my purple shirt and my light jeans. The last one is indeed not the best idea when you have a huge dog whom love to play in the dirt but wherefore are washing machines?

Ok … caught. I would never wear those shoes outside when I'm on the walk with my dog. But I don't think you would love to see my dirty dirty dirty … dirty sneaker. Trust me.

All clothes are from Bonprix, my favorite seller before I discovered all the wonderful plus size stores out there. And I already love buying my clothes there.
The tee is actually one year old and as good as new, the jeans as well. It's a little bit short so I wear it as a 3/4. The shoes are comfortable but a bit too large. I bought some heel cushions and all is well. The necklace and earrings are a gift from my hubby a few years ago from Swarovski. Plain and timeless. Love them.

Yes, this is totally casual. Just me. I don't wear amazing clothes all day. So casual outfits are my main focus.

What do you think about it? Too simple? Would love to read your opinion.

Love, Mel … 


  1. You look great! I'm enjoying the nice weather here, too :)

  2. Oh Mel, I didn't know you had a blogspot blog as well as a Tumblr, I'm so silly! I'm following you here now. x x

    1. Don't worry. It's brand new, so you didn't miss much. ;) xoxo

  3. I love the detailing on your top, also the lovely jewellery!

    1. Thank you. ♥ They have the shirt this year in a lovely emerald green (available soon). This is my color this year. :D


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