OotD: Out of my comfort zone!

Hello beauties,

welcome to my first fatshion monday here on my brand new blog. For a long time I wrack my brain over the question what this first post should be. I take clothes out of my closet, take them back and take others out … and so on. It was not an easy process, but finally I made my decision. Which is really good, because if I had not, you could not enjoy my first fashion post. Did I mention that this is my first one?

I decided to get out of my comfortzone with the first outfit. Last year in december I bought myself a dress. The first one since – let me over think – 20 years (+/-).
I look a bit around at many plus size (online) stores and stick at Kiyonna and their beautiful dresses. My choice was finally the Legacy Wrap Dress in black. Yes, black. Still one step after another. And black can be combine to all other colours.
The plan was to wear it at home first to acclimatize with it. But this dress is so unbelievable comfortable that I'm anxious for warmer weather to wear it outside my home.

I love comfortable feeling of the fabric. The dress doesn't corset and feels like a second skin. There is only one tiny thing, that bugs me a bit and this is the décolleté. It's a bit widely and when I'm sitting in this dress it feels like my boobs will fall out. Hubby loves it. But I think I will buy me a nice brooch for public wearing.

I combined it with an rasperryred tight, my glittering leg warmer and boots. The tight is from fibrotex.eu. They have tights in many colors and the sizes goes up to a 10XL! I bought a 3XL which is a EU56-58. I buy tights always a size bigger because of my huge thighs. The tight fits very good and are true sized. I think I'll try a 2XL at my next order.

The leg warmers are from C&A and the boots from Deichmann (2011). The scarf was a gift from my sister-in-law.

Dress: Kiyonna | Tights: Fibrotex
Leg warmer: C-and-A | Boots: Deichmann

I'm so happy that I have the guts to buy a dress. Best decision I've made in the last years. I really enjoy wearing that dress. And I've bought already a second one, also from Kiyonna. But this will be another story on another day.

So … I hope, you like it. Would you combine this dress that way too? What would you do different? I'm very curious what you think about this outfit.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. I love the dressing think a brooch would look lovely. I think coloured tights look fab as will bare legs in the warmer weather. I'd prob add so e leopard print in either a hair bow or shoes/bag as I love black and leopard together xx

    1. Awww … leo prints. Some day, I have a selection. I love leo prints but also zebra prints. :)

      Thanks for your feedback. xoxo

  2. I love those red tights! Might have to get me some of those. The dress looks great on you, looking forward to future posts!

    1. Thank you, sweetie. ♥ I had never thought that I could wear a dress.

      The tights are really good. And I love the size range. I mean 10XL? Normally I have problems to get them in 2XL/3XL at the most shops. Will try the microfibre ones at my next order.


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